Outer shell Replacement (Reshelling)

When you need it & how it works

Over the life of a heat transfer roll, the roll’s thermal & mechanical performance may decline due to normal wear and tear. In cooling applications, neglecting to treat and maintain the cooling water often leads to scaling within the roll’s internal flow passages. If corrosion is significant, scaling often dislodges where blockages becomes a risk. Both conditions can decrease the thermal performance and potentially affect the mechanical integrity of the roll. If either situation exists, costly repair or possible roll replacement may be the only option.

MPP Inc. provides several restoration services for your used heat transfer roll which are intended to return your roll’s heat transfer capabilities to its originally designed operating parameters.

Roll Repair Services

Superior workmanship and engineering

We have assembled a team of industry leading engineering & technical professionals. Every roll managed through our facility is processed with superior workmanship and engineering, supported by multiple inspection points assuring the utmost reliability and consistency current industry technology has to offer.

Acid Flushing

When a heat transfer roll begins to exhibit a noticeable loss in heat transfer efficiency or pressure drop, acid flushing can be implemented to help clean out any organic and minor scaling in the internal flow passages.


When the heat transfer roll develops more significant internal issues such as more substantial scaling or blockage, replacement of the existing outer shell typically is the more cost & time effective solution to improve the roll’s thermal performance. MPP Inc. reshelling procedure involves the removal of the existing outer shell then a thorough evaluation of the existing inner assembly. If the structural integrity of inner assembly, including its spirals/flights are deemed salvageable, then cleaning of the spiraled flow passages and outer shell replacement proceeds. Frequently the existing spiral pattern is corroded to the point they need replacing. In this case the existing spirals are removed and replaced then assembled with the new outer shell. A replacement outer shell is through bored straight, shrunk fit and welded onto the re-balanced spiraled inner assembly. Resurfacing for the desired final surface finish now can be completed.

Application of corrosion resistant surfaces

If additional corrosion resistance is desired on a re-claimed inner assembly or new fabrication, we offer a permeation resistant coating as shown here.

Often customers will request their new roll assembly inner flow passages be nickel plated. Our unique nickel plating process allows for nickel plating of the outer shell inner diameter and corresponding inner flow passages.

Surface Finish

The reconditioned like-new heat transfer roll typically receives one of our many offerings of chrome plated surfaces. After the roll is chrome plated it receive an application specific finish per our customer’s specifications.

Our Experience & Committment

Why we're your #1 choice for roll repair

MPP Inc. is one of the few North American facilities experienced enough to perform all of your industrial roll surface finishing requirements. Our 80,000 ft² facility provides all the required services necessary to recondition, repair and resurface your industrial rolls.

Our wealth of experience, commitment to be our industry leader in quality and customer satisfaction, assures your rolls perform at or above your expectations when inserted back in service at your facility.

MPP Inc. is committed to provide all of our customers with optimal performing industrial rolls, simple or complex heat transfer. It is with this commitment, companies throughout the world look to MPP Inc. for our unmatched expertise and quality to support their operations.

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