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How do I ship a roll to MPP?

Please clean the exterior of the roll of any heavy grease, oil, dirt and debris before shipping to MPP suitably boxed for transport. All rolls must be shipped to MPP PREPAID.

Any doubts about which type of transport to use based on weight, please feel free to contact Paul Juzwishen at 203-528-0115.

I’m ready to ship my roll to MPP, what do I need to include on the shipping paperwork?

Please include the quote number on your shipping paperwork. Your Purchase Order needs to include the billing and shipping address as well as the trucking company you’re using to ship the roll back.

How will my roll be returned?

Please include your carrier of choice on your Purchase Order or note “Best Way” if you want MPP to choose a reliable carrier. If MPP chooses the carrier, then the roll will be shipped COLLECT. For Third Party shipping brokers, we will require a Third Party billing address.

What are the shipping & receiving hours at MPP?

7:00 AM to 3:30 PM Monday thru Friday

What is the address to ship my roll to MPP?

346 Huntingdon Avenue Waterbury, CT 06708

What are MPP’s Terms and Conditions?

See our Terms and Conditions page for more information