Our Roll Surface Finishing

Over 150 finishes in the finest chromium plating

Currently, MPP offers over 150 finishes to meet a variety of industrial needs and will work with you to determine the right finish for your application.

  • Ground or polished roll finishes with surface roughness as low as 0.5 Ra
  • Uniform matte finishes with specific surface roughness, gloss or tone requirements
  • Grained surfaces, non-frictional surfaces, liquid pick-up or other specified surface characteristics
  • Hydrophilic & Multi-plated surfaces
  • Extra-thick platings

High Gloss Finishes

Flawless, mirror-surface chromium surfaces with maximum reflectivity and surface roughness of approximately 0.5 Ra. Applications include film casting, plastic sheet calendering and polishing, gloss paper coating, photographic film, paperboard lamination, magnetic media calendering, and others requiring extra-fine surface finishing.

A special buffing process eliminates all traces of a grinding pattern and leaves the roll with a highly reflective surface and roughness factor of between 1.0 and 2.0 Ra.


The uniform matte surface provides excellent finishes for plastic, wallpaper, vinyl, paperboard and foil laminating or casting.

Pre-grain surface™
A textured chromium surface available to any finish between 25 and 800 micro-inches thick. Pre-grains are applicable in any metal, paper or plastics application in which web contact needs to be minimized while superior gripping power is retained.


The original mirror-reflective, pocketed finish that provides a friction-free surface for high-speed extrusion coatings and lamination of paperboard or film.

MP-10 Series™


A fluid receptive chromium surface which may be used in any fluid applicator unit.

Mirror-ground finishes™
The finest mirror reflective finishes between 2 and 10 Ra and tolerances to 50 millionths TIR and shape.

EZ Release™
A chromium layered surface for paper mill dryer drums and size-press, carrying and other rolls. The surface provides excellent thermal conductivity with full release action. EZ Release provides long surface life and reduces damage.

Traction Release Variations of EZ Release