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Behind the scenes at Mirror Polishing & Plating Company Inc.

MPP is a complete, single-source roll fabricating, plating, grinding and surface finishing company known world-wide for excellence and reliability.  We specialize in the fabrication, repair, initial hard coating, resurfacing and finishing of industrial and paper mill, double and single shell heat transfer rolls, drum dryers, calendaring, coating, embossing, laminating rolls and cylinders.

MPP Inc., also known as Mirror Polishing & Plating Company Inc., was founded in 1954 and has been committed to the highest standard of service throughout the generations with one over-riding commitment, that every roll leaving our facility would meet only the highest standards.  For our Customers, that meant trouble-free performance once the roll was back in production.

That commitment to excellence has built MPP’s reputation as a leader in hard chromium plating and surface finishing of industrial rolls.  It continues to make MPP the name to depend on when quality and consistency count.

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